Monday, December 15, 2008

Ms Siri Rupesinghe

Nation Sunday Nov 23 2008

Mrs. Siri Rupesinghe

Sharing, caring and giving personality

She was one of the most dynamic personalities I had met, so full of joie de vivre, always smiling, always happy - sharing, caring and giving - her life an ode to kindness and love. I am grateful for the ten years of friendship I shared with her before she was heartlessly wrenched away by the very hands that were supposed to heal her - a splash of black on the noble profession of healing. This appreciation I write in her memory is one which I hope will specially be a celebration of her talent in painting which she so gladly shared-with-me. It was in 1999 that I approached her as an unsure student of Art. I confessed to her that I was really unsure if I could even “draw a circle straight”, a phrase she always taunted me with jokingly, as I progressed under able guidance to reach more decent abilities in painting. I never ceased to be awe stricken by the galaxies of gorgeous paintings that adorned her walls - each one more beautiful than the other - every one a masterpiece. She became my mentor and friend. Sunday afternoons were hours filled with happiness.They were my only holidays, and Sunday after Sunday she made my lessons a tryst with beauty and colour. When I drew the flowers, she would breathe in fragrance. When I drew wild life, she would give it life - that twitches to the whiskers of the leopard, or the glint to the eye of the tiger. She made the landscapes come alive, fresh with dew and the waves in the ocean roll on my canvas. She added the froth to .the waves of the sea, and the mist to the mountains. We worked tirelessly, she more than I, goading me forward to achieve that final feeling of satisfaction of a job well done until finally she allowed me to rest my brush. Sunday afternoons will never be the same. Her life was one of love, of giving and sharing, of happiness, beauty, goodness and prayer. Her profound faith in God illuminated her whole being. I can still picture her smiling face, she was always smiling, the largeness of her heart glowing through her smile. The news of her passing away sparked shock, sadness and an aching sense of loss to all of us. I do not know if her family will ever come to terms with it as she was the life of the home. No she cannot be gone forever - her life was too beautiful to be snatched by one so puny as Death. “Death be not proud, though many have called thee,Mighty and dreadful, thou art not so. For those whom thou thinkest thou dost overthrow, Die not, poor Death…One short sleep past, we wake eternally,And Death shall be no more.”

Marietta Siriwardena Colombo 5


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