Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr George Benedict

A doctor who was loved for his simplicity and humility

Dr. George Benedict

Dr. George Benedict, a medical practitioner for more than four decades, passed away recently as quietly and peacefully as he had lived.

In this age, when medicine has to a large degree become a business, Dr. Benedict was best known for his patient-friendly approach, simplicity and humility. For more than three decades he served mainly poor patients at the Ragama Teaching Hospital and gave top priority to their well-being.

As his son Lakshman noted at the thanksgiving mass on October 24, their father was so simple that he would daily take a bus from Torrington to the Fort Station, and from there a train to the Ragama hospital, with stethoscope and other needs in hand. So this simple verse would be a tribute that Dr. Benedict himself would like:

No farewells were spoken,We did not say “goodbye”,You were gone before we knew itAnd only God knows why.

You left us precious memoriesThat made us laugh and cry,But the love you planted in our heartsNo millionaire can buy.

If tears could build a stairwayAnd memories a lane,We would walk right up to Heaven,And bring you home again.

Family members


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