Monday, December 15, 2008


Casi (Casinathan)

Live wire of the family

Three months have glided by since we lost our Dear Casi, husband of my sister Subo and our brother-in-law. Casi was a true, dedicated and a loving husband to my sister. She was his life for him. The short spell he spent with her was really memorable. Casi was a unique selfless personality who never thought of himself nor did he live for himself. His priority was to help others. Helping and resolving the problems and assisting in difficulties of his kith and kin took precedence over his own. Even when he knew that he was suffering from a terminal disease, he faced it with courage. When my nephew called him from overseas when he was sick, with full of hope he said “I know what is ahead of me but I am giving it a good fight.” He was a God fearing, humble person with a heart of gold, always with a smile. There is never a dull moment with him. Being a Brahmin and married to a Roman Catholic, he balanced his religious life so beautifully that he never missed a single Sunday service nor the visit to the temple on a Friday. Even at his work place he was a very popular figure renowned for his hard work and dedication. Mr. Mithra Vallipuram under whom Casi worked for over 20 years said “Only in office he was my employee, outside the work place he was dear brother to me.” It is a great loss for Saro, his sister, the only survivor in his family, who looked upto her brother so much for advice and moral support. She still cannot believe that he is gone. He was the live wire of the Rajakariar family and his demise is an irreparable loss to us. Casi is no more but the good deeds he did will never be erased from our memories. God takes whom he loves most early and Casi is one of those. We are confident that for all the good deeds he did he will be safe in the arms of Jesus. May his soul rest in peace.

Puvi Domingopillai


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